A Year in the Big Old Garden |
for Kindle and Audible

A Year in the Big Old Garden is a collection of children’s stories in the spirit of beloved classics by Thornton Burgess and Beatrix Potter These twelve short stories are crafted to be read aloud, mixing whimsical storytelling with the love and knowledge of backyard wildlife.

Turn waiting rooms, car trips, and bedtimes into moments of enjoyment as you meet animals like Sammy the squirrel, Jasper the chipmunk, and Smudge the rabbit, and follow their adventures through the seasons.
"A Year in the Big Old Garden is a gem."
~ S. D. Smith, author of The Green Ember series

"What a fun, warm-hearted read!"
~ Glenn McCary, author of The Misadventured Summer Of Tumbleweed Thompson

"Charming new stories in the vein of Thornton W. Burgess."
~ Josh Bishop, writer

The Long Freeze: A Big Old Garden Christmas Story |
for Kindle (Audible coming soon!)

This companion story takes us back to The Big Old Garden at the most wonderful time of the year. Meet Maggie the nuthatch and other winter-loving birds as they cope with an unseasonably bitter freeze and find a seasonally appropriate resolution!

A surprise to everyone involved, this story sprang out of a late-night discussion with my wife Julie, who then created this illustration in less than a week! We hope your family will enjoy another visit!

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Family Advent Art and Reading Guide

A guide for daily Advent readings, with recommended Scripture passages and corresponding chapters from The Jesus Storybook Bible for younger families. Includes three original children's stories for days not covered by the JSB.

Each day includes an exclusive original painting by Melissa Ellen Fink for Christmas ornament crafts, and instructions for making the ornaments.