James D. Witmer is the author of A Year in the Big Old Garden (a collection of children’s stories featuring backyard wildlife) and serves as managing editor for StoryWarren.com.

As a boy, James wanted to be a policeman. Well, he wanted to be Batman, but he would have settled for city detective, a ranch-town sheriff, or a deep-woods park ranger. This is all comes from his love of outdoor adventure stories by Wilson Rawls, Jim Kjelgaard, and Louis L’Aamour (and many others), and eventually led him to a BA in English literature from Grove City College.

James has provided ghostwriting and editing for books by Whitaker House and Baker Books. He counts reading, bird-watching, and gardening as his hobbies, and lives in a big old house with his wife, three children, and a succession of pet rabbits.

An Interview:

Here's a fun discussion with my friend, author S. D. Smith:

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