Kickstarter Update - Day 11

Here we are with 19 days left in the campaign, and over 75% funded! There is still a good stretch of road ahead, but you clearly haven't been shy about recommending A Year in the Big Old Garden to your friends, and I thank you most sincerely!

Speaking of shy, I wanted to tell you little more about this guy:

He is a pileated woodpecker, the titular neighbor from "The Noisy New Neighbor." According to Cornell University's All About Birds site (an awesome resource, by the way--

"Pileated Woodpeckers are forest birds that require large, standing dead trees and downed wood. Forests can be evergreen, deciduous, or mixed and are often old... [but] they live in young forests as well and may even be seen in partially wooded suburbs and backyards."

In the woods where I grew up, these nearly-crow-sized woodpeckers were like unicorns; we had to hike deep into the forest even to hear them at a distance. In twenty years of an outdoors-often youth, I never saw one. Now that I live in the Big Old Garden, we see them regularly--once a month, even--but I  still get a thrill every single time. I hope you get to taste a bit of that joy in my stories. I can't wait to share them with you.