Kickstarter Day 5 - Over 40%!

Thank you - we're over 40% there!

This illustration, from "Windstorm in the Big Old Garden," is pretty much how things have looked around my house this week. But as the weather takes a frosty turn, my spirits are warmed by the kind support you have shown this project.
Most successful Kickstarter campaigns start with a boom, clearing 1/3 funded in the first three days, then they chug along with slow-and-steady progress for a few weeks before finishing with a roll of thunder.

Wonderfully, we've hit that first landmark, and now comes the all-important slow-and-steady bit. This is where the book gets discovered by people who never heard of it before - usually by hearing from a friend and family member.

If you've already backed A Year in the Big Old Garden, thank you! I couldn't reasonably ask you for anything more. But if you're excited, if you'd like to do one more thing, a quick comment (with the link) on social media can do much more than you might imagine.   
One more thing:
Remember that I said we already had art and layout underway? It's still going, and here's a peek at the first round of layout proofreading, which I just received from Katherine Lloyd, designer extraordinaire. I can't wait to get these to the printer, and into your hands.


James D. Witmer