Big Old Garden Paperbacks Available for Preorder!

Taking A Leap!

I'm extremely happy to share some news with you.

You might remember that my collection of nature stories for children, A Year in the Big Old Garden, has been available electronically since last year. And you might be one of the people who asked whether you could get it as a real book. 
Now finally, after many twists and turns, I get to say: Yes!

In fact, you can get it in time for Christmas!

I know, I know, it's November 1. So how will this wizardry be accomplished?

Well, most of the creative work for this book--editing, illustrating, layout, etc--is done or underway. In addition to the beautiful seasonal paintings Melissa Ellen Fink provided for the cover, New York Times best-selling illustrator Joe Sutphin has supplied thirteen interior illustrations that bring the Big Old Garden's birds, plants, and animals entirely to life. And my new friend, top-notch book designer Katherine Lloyd, is even now putting them together into pages that are a joy to behold.

So, we just need a strong round of support to get us over the final mountain of printing and shipping copies to all the families who want them.

To do this, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign TODAY. If you’re not familiar, Kickstarter is a platform that allows independent creators to connect with backers who financially support their projects, getting to pre-order the project in order to make it come to life.

Even better, Kickstarter makes a way to bundle preorders with exclusive rewards. For example:

Preorder a book on Kickstarter to support this inaugural print run of A Year in the Big Old Garden we'll  send you:
  • A signed, paperback book with illustrations by Joe Sutphin and cover art by Melissa Ellen Fink
  • A printable PDF of coloring pages of Joe's illustrations
  • The Long Freeze (a Big Old Garden Christmas story) e-book and audiobook
  • A Year in the Big Old Garden ebook and audiobook
Or, preorder the "Two-book + Note Card Combo," and we'll send you:
  • Two signed, perfect-bound paperback books
  • Eight folded, full-color note cards featuring Melissa Ellen Fink's seasonal paintings from the cover of the book.
  • Two sticker sheets featuring illustrations by Joe Sutphin
  • The Long Freeze e-book and audiobook
  • A Year in the Big Old Garden - digital
  • Printable PDF of coloring pages
  • A beautiful Joe Sutphin 5x7 art print of an illustration from the book.
There are seven different preorder bundles available on Kickstarter, and I hope you'll find one your family will enjoy. Thank you for the interest and support you've shown me and these stories. I don't take it for granted!