Take This Chance To Miss An Opportunity

Someone told me the hardest part of her move to New York City was adjusting to the endless smorgasbord of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Every night was a chance to see an amazing play, an exotic band, a peerless exhibition. In order to grocery shop, to pay bills, to sleep, wonderful things had to be foregone. Staying sane required walking past things she might previously have traveled to see.

In one way, this reminds me of parenting.

Are you committed to helping your children understand the world, and their place in it? It’s a tough job. You’re going to need encouragement. And do we have it!

There are books about good parenting, and devotionals for necessary self-care, podcasts to challenge you, teach you, and make you laugh, conferences where humble, gifted people offer tips and remind you that you’re not alone, and blogs about your vocation, your avocation, and all seven of your creative interests, including the one you haven’t actually tried yet.

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