Don't Be Original

As people of the Book, we’re uniquely free from the demands of novelty. We know we don’t work in a vacuum. Only God creates from nothing, so we are free to borrow and build from the beauty we see around us.

Think about it this way: the worst, least original music you ever heard probably came from a band that claimed to sound like nothing else. But The Beatles debt to Elvis (who borrowed heavily from gospel music) is clear, yet their impact on modern music is unsurpassed.

Christians also have a unique opportunity to see human creativity at its un-corrupted best – in the life of Jesus. His creativity is the best reason for ours!

For example: When challenged by the woman at the well, he told her he could give her “living water.” What a metaphor! The object lesson is right beside them, it’s simple, and the more you think about it, the better the analogy works. Go Jesus, right?


Featured Image by Paul Boekell,