See Eric Peters Live And Win A Free CD

Ok, you saw the headline: See Eric Peters Live And Win A Free CD!

Eric Peters ( is playing a house show - that's a mini-concert - in Grove City, PA. In Dan & Becky Kulp's living room, to be exact. You should go because:

1. Eric is a gem of a songwriter, and he's even better in an intimate setting.
2. The Kulps are cool people.
3. If you go, you will have a chance to win a free CD or T-shirt.

 Of course there is a catch - the drawing is only open to people who are subscribed to Eric's email newsletter.

 Already subscribe? - Awesome. Just put your name and email down so Eric can confirm he has your current address.

Not a subscriber? - No problem. Just put your name and email on the list. I promise you won't be sorry. Eric send emails only when he has something worth saying. They are always well-crafted, non-sales-y, and creatively stimulating.

 Once everyone is signed up, the names go into a hat (or gym shoe or something, it's hard to guess with Dan) and a name will be drawn. The winner gets a free album or t-shirt of his or her choice, on me. 

You get top-notch music that you'll enjoy for years to come. Eric takes home a little more for his family. And I get to help two wonderful people. It's a win-win-win.

To do your part (that's going to the show) RSVP at Dan Kulp's Facebook Event Page: Or, if you're not on Facebook, respond in the comments below. There are only about 15 seats left, including the one in the broom closet, so RSVP ASAP! (And any other acronyms you can think of.)