Hutchmoot 2012

I bought him that!

The lovely Mrs. & Miss Smiths

Story Warren writers assemble!

 Dear Matt Connor: It was great to meet you. Why is this the only photo I have?

Ahem. "Eucatastrophe"

Bunny wrangling & photos by Julie @ WifeMotherGardener


  1. lorenwarn5:44 AM

    Love this overview (and the photos). A number of those quotes are ones that have stuck with me, too. Working on weaving them into my day-to-day now.

  2. Thanks! Some of them are going to take a lifetime to "own," I think...

  3. Peter B7:29 AM

    James, we really enjoyed getting to meet you two -- brief though the weekend was. Thank you for posting this unique and full recollection of HM. Like Loren, I'm glad for a record of these quotes (and I can't help noticing that you Twitter-hashed some of them).

  4. Peter, we really enjoyed meeting you both as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I had aspirations of Tweeting all the quotes, but I think what's done is done. :-)

  5. Hadn't seen this until now, but what a beautiful post -- both in concept and in content. Most of the quotes were from sessions I didn't attend, so it was a joy to read all of these fantastic quotes that I didn't hear. It whets my appetite for more 'mooting in October 2013 (Lord willing and I can register within 15 seconds of registration opening . . . ).

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to put together. And I hope you make it to Hutchmoot, though it's likely I won't be able to this year.


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