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Coming Soon: A Year in the Big Old Garden!

As a lifetime storyteller and story-lover, I’m excited to say that that my new book - A Year in the Big Old Garden - will be available for Kindle and iBooks by the end of this summer.

A Year in the Big Old Garden is a collection of children’s stories you can carry in your mobile phone. In the spirit of beloved classics by Thornton Burgess and Beatrix Potter, these short stories are crafted to be read aloud, mixing whimsical storytelling with the love and knowledge of backyard wildlife. Turn waiting rooms, car trips, and bedtimes into moments of enjoyment as you meet animals like Sammy the squirrel, Jasper the chipmunk, and Smudge the rabbit, and follow their adventures through the seasons.

Illustrations by Melissa Ellen Fink  From the beginning of this project, I knew I wanted illustrations that would reflect the old-fashioned roots of its stories. I wanted a book that would look more at home alongside the stories that influenced me than in the pool of glittering, cartoon-derived cont…

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